New recruits joined Bedfordshire Police

New recruits at Beds Police. PNL-141010-160858001
New recruits at Beds Police. PNL-141010-160858001

A group of 34 new recruits have joined Bedfordshire Police, adding to the 73 who joined the force earlier in the year.

Eight of these are experienced transferees from other constabularies and several have waited through the period of the four year recruitment freeze to be able to join Bedfordshire Police.

The new recruits competed against nearly 1,500 other applicants for the opportunity to join the force as officers.

Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins said: “The recruitment of 107 police officers reflects the Chief Constable’s and my determination to protect visible front-line policing in the county because we know that’s what the public values most.

“Delivering this at a time of austerity and shrinking budgets has entailed careful financial management. It has also meant hard choices in relation to issues like police stations and joint working with our neighbours in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire to make the efficiencies necessitated by Government funding cuts.”

The new recruits will now undergo 20 intensive weeks of training followed by a period of accompanied patrol alongside experienced officers.

The Commissioner added, “I was reminded of the risks we ask our police officers to take on our behalf when I attended the National Police Memorial Day service in Belfast.

“Indeed the tragic loss of PC Jon Henry is still keenly felt within Bedfordshire Police. The new TV series 24 Hours in Police Custody first shown on Monday, September 29, also gave a fascinating insight into the challenges of modern policing. So it is uplifting to have 107 talented people who are clearly dedicated to serving the public.”