New Police and Crime Commissioner promises more frontline officers

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Bedfordshire’s new PCC Kathryn Holloway has promised to boost frontline policing by releasing as many officers as possible from desk duties.

Immediately after she was sworn in, Kathryn announced her first task was ‘Project boost the Frontline.’

“This aims to release as many of Bedfordshire’s existing police as possible from desk duties and provide support back into full service for those on restricted duties,” she told the T&C.

Kathryn also promises provision to help “boost the morale” of frontline officers.

This week she recruited a start-up team of two men to help her deliver the project.

John Guthrie, who is former Tory candidate for the Mayor of Bedford, and Simon Bullock, who was a deputy for former PCC Olly Martins, have both been employed on maximum 100 day contract.

Kathryn signed her Oath of Impartiality on Monday at the Force’s Kempston HQ, accompanied by Assistant Chief Constable Mike Colbourne,

She pledged to serve all the people of Bedfordshire and to “act with integrity and diligence” in her role.

Afterwards she said: “Being a Commissioner for all and demonstrating impartiality from the very outset is hugely important to me. All that matters is

getting the best people, with the necessary skills, to help me support the Chief Constable to provide the best possible policing in Bedfordshire. I hope it reassures the public that I am bringing in a team which promises to deliver precisely this irrespective of their past political allegiances.”