New number 2 for Beds Police

JOHN Fletcher has been appointed the new Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) for Bedfordshire Police.

Mr Fletcher joined the force in May 2008 as an Assistant Chief Constable, and has been acting DCC for the last six months.

In his previous role he was in charge of performance for protective services, and led significant improvements in arrests, recovery and disruption to organised crime groups.

He will serve under Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock, who took over the county’s policing in January.

Both men were appointed by Beds Police Authority

Mr Fletcher said: “I am delighted to have been selected and I am proud to have been a member of Bedfordshire Police over the last three years.

“During that time I have been particularly impressed with the commitment of all our staff - this force certainly punches above its weight. I’m proud to be part of it and look forward to my new role in the team.”