New naming system for Bedford’s redeveloped bus station bays

Bedford bus station, work in progress. PNL-140904-123318001
Bedford bus station, work in progress. PNL-140904-123318001

Final preparations for Bedford’s new bus station are being put in place with the introduction of a new lettering system for bus bays that will make it even easier for passengers to get around following the site’s February launch.

The change to letters A-V aims to simplify the current number and letter system used for bays. Maps and information regarding the new bays and which bus services will run from each one will be rolled out to commuters in January.

Buses from the site will travel to locations across the borough and beyond.

The Travel and Tourism Centre will also move from St. Paul’s Square in the New Year marking another milestone in the completion of the bus station regeneration project which will be launched on 23 February 2015.

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford, said: “The new regenerated bus station will form the main hub to the Borough’s public transport network and we want to make it efficient and easy for commuters to understand and access the right services. It’s great to see the work taking shape and we all look forward to the February launch knowing that the brand new Bedford Bus Station will be a facility we can all be proud of as a gateway to the town centre.”

The regeneration project has already delivered a series of improvements in the bus station area, including the popular Greyfriars new surface car park, the refurbished and newly-clad Allhallows multi-storey car park, new toilets and more.

Environmental improvements to the public realm areas in Greenhill and Thurlow Street are also underway. These include new trees, paving, landscaping, street furniture and underground recycling bins.

The webcam showing up-to-the-minute progress of the construction of the new bus station is still live via The camera has been slightly raised to show progress on the 14-28 Allhallows shop refurbishment as well.