New Bedford primary school has headteacher confirmed

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The new headteacher of Wixams Tree Primary will be Mary Langley, appointed by Bedford College Academies Trust.

The primary school is currently being built in Wixams and will be next door to the secondary school Wixams Academy.

This is so pupils can complete their education from entrance age to sixth form in one location.

Both schools will open in September this year.

New primary headteacher Mary said: “I feel very proud and tremendously excited to have been appointed Headteacher for Wixams Tree Primary School.

“I am passionate about working in partnership with the children, staff, governors and the parent community to build and develop Wixams Tree Primary as an exciting, happy and successful school.”

After returning to education when her children had finished their early primary education Mary completed a degree in Primary Education from De Montfort University.

She added: “I am really looking forward to working with the whole community – I am keen on building a whole school community which thrives on mutual respect and values positive relationships.”

Principal of Wixams Academ Paul Spyropoulos, to which pupils from Wixams Tree Primary will progress at the age of 11, explained that his school will be welcoming students in Year 7 from a range of primaries in September.

As well as the existing primary in Wixams, Lakeview, pupils have signed up from Bedford, Elstow, Wilstead, Ampthill and Kempston to join the brand new secondary school.