Neighbour from hell who taunted victims with pig noises breaches restraining order

Stephen Aylott
Stephen Aylott

A yob convicted of a four-year hate campaign against neighbours by oinking like a pig breached his restraining order within 24 hours, a court heard.

Vile Stephen Aylott, 53, taunted his victims about their weight by throwing weight loss articles into their garden.

He called them pigs, repeatedly slammed doors and windows and ran his lawnmower when they were outside.

His harassment from his housing association bungalow in Woburn in Milton Keynes, Bucks., where most neighbours are retired even caused one woman’s hair to fall out.

Aylott was found guilty of one charge of harassment and given an indefinite restraining and ordered to pay #750 compensation at Luton Crown Court on May 28.

But less than 24 hours later it is alleged he broke the restraining order by jumping out in front of a neighbour’s moving car.

They were forced to make an emergency stop and Aylott was seen “making a silly face” before running back to his home, the court heard.

Luton Magistrates’ Court heard the neighbour was “left shaken and with fear”.

It is also alleged that two days later Aylott repeatedly slammed the windows and doors of his home to unsettle his neighbours.

Aylott denies both charges and the case has been adjourned for trial at the same court on October 1

In the meantime the Aylott has been ordered to live at his mother’s address away from the scene.

During his previous sentencing hearing Aylott was warned he faces imprisonment if he breaks the strict conditions of his indefinite restraining order.

The court also heard Aylott had suffered a serious brain injury after an motorcycle accident in 1984.