Named and shamed: the latest Christmas drink drivers

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More than 50 people have been arrested so far as part of Bedfordshire Police’s crackdown on drink and drug drivers this December.

And, sticking to our promise, the Times and Citizen will name and shame all those who have been charged.

The latest batch, all arrested and charged since December 13, are:

Connor Joyce, 20, Summerfield Drive, Wooton

Kevin Useya,25, Arrow Close, Luton

Paul Sams, 57, Greenfield, Central Bedfordshire

Jasvinder Mehmi, 36, Houghton Road, Bedford

Benedetto Serino, 67, St Johns Street, Bedford

George Thomas, 26, Oxlow Lane, Dagenham

Paulius Siauciunas, 38, Hockliffe Road, Bedford,

Liam Nugent,22, Gladding Road, Cheshunt

Kania Slawomir, 36, London Road, Bedford

Amardeep Sanghera, 27, Arkwright Road, Wellingborough,

Andrew Vitnurachi, 28, Argyll Avenue, Luton

Joshua Simpson, 22, Butely Road, Luton

Marcin Drozdzeil, 37, Hartley Road, Luton

Alexandru Rapa, 29, Beechwood Road, Luton

Roger Campbell, 51, Oregon Way, Luton,

Corey Myrie, 29, Newark Road, Luton,

Mohammad Farooq, 33, Downs Road, Luton

Jaroslaw Malecki, 43, Sandhurst Place, Bedord,

Costel Trifan, 43, Stuart Close, Bletchley

Alan Harding, 44, Ventnor Gardens, Luton

Throughout the month the force has additional patrols on the county’s roads to tackle those who risk their lives and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs.

Now ahead of New Year’s Eve on Saturday, officers are once again urging people not to take the risk and to leave their car keys at home.

Inspector Jamie Langwith from the Roads Policing Unit said: “It is never acceptable to drive when you’re over either the drink or drug limit. If caught you risk a hefty fine and penalty points – but if that’s not a strong enough deterrent then please think about how you would feel if you killed someone as a result of your actions.

“We want everyone to have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, so please leave the car at home if you’re planning on having a drink; get a taxi home or stick to the soft drinks if you are the designated driver.”