Nadine Dorries MP quits Twitter to escape ‘sinister’ trolls

Nadine Dorries MP
Nadine Dorries MP

MP Nadine Dorries has quit Twitter to end a 10-year tirade of abuse from “sinister” trolls who threaten her daily.

The Tory has told of her frightening encounters with obsessive online stalkers who make her fear for her daughters’ safety – and force her to read how they think her dogs should die.

This week she pledged to make a “modest exit” from Twitter to put an end to the cruel taunts.

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire said: “My disenchantment first began when I received a tweet sent to me which read, ‘I want to see you trapped in a burning car and watch as the flesh melts from your face.’

“Twitter has become a place were stalkers mark their prey. They no longer push hand written notes through letterboxes or skulk under lampposts or in telephone boxes.

“They are sinister. They are fixated, obsessed with everything I do and say and that is truly frightening.

“They distort and manipulate and their objective is to destroy people. Not just those in the public eye, but innocent bystanders too.

“I can no longer interact on Twitter with my constituents or my readers. Anyone who tweets the mildest support for me finds that they themselves become targets of unprecedented abuse.

“Nadine claims that as a female politician she is targeted by the “misogynistic twitterati” who are outraged she is now a best-selling novelist.

She added: “As a female politician, the misogynistic twitterati think it is offensive for me to write books in my spare time. It’s ok for Alan Johnson, but not for me.

“Apparently, for this, my dogs should die in a manner of ways.“

So after sending more 17,000 tweets to her 28,000 followers over the past 10 years, Nadine will today sign out of her Twitter account. Instead she promises to continue to interact with her constituents through her blog.

She added: “Twitter is a place where people lose their jobs, their dignity their self-respect and occasionally, their life.

“I haven’t de activated my account and slammed the door, like Stephen Fry, I have also had a dry run and tried that before.

“This time I have left the door open, and a note on the mantelpiece with my forwarding address.”