Mystery hate signs causes village upset

Wootton sign
Wootton sign

Hateful signs posted at entrances to Wootton have caused upset and may highlight deeper tensions within the village.

The two professionally printed posters describe Wootton as ‘nothing wonderful’ and twins the village with Texan city ‘Wacco’ - correct spelling Waco - which hit the headlines worldwide in 1992 during a bloody siege involving a religious sect.

Some villagers, who have contacted the T&C anonymously, have hinted at underlying tensions within the village.

One resident said: “I’m fed up with comments going around the village and posters going around the village.

“It is wrong. We all live in the village, we all work and pay our taxes, all we want is a nice clean village and everything else.”

The signs say: “Welcome to Wonderful Wootton (there’s nothing wonderful about us),” and goes on to make reference to ‘Wacco’ and ‘Jihadi’.

Parish council clerk for the village Sue Playford said the poster is not representative of the area.

“It is certainly not an accurate portrayal of the village,” she said.

“As to who is behind it, I don’t know.”

After being notified of the signs, Bedford Borough Council despatched workers to remove them.

A council spokesman said: “Bedford Borough Council quickly responds to reports of fly posting. In this case, as soon as the council were alerted to the notice, the police were notified and a council team immediately dispatched to remove it.”

Another villager said: “It is very inflammatory and it is very unsettling for Wootton.

“It is all a bit strange - why would someone put a big sign up like that?”

A Beds Police spokesman said they are investigating who is behind the signs.