Mysteries of town’s heritage revealed in weekend guided walk

John Howard's statue in Bedford.
John Howard's statue in Bedford.

Mysteries that hide behind Bedford’s old buildings and features you may walk past every day will be revealed in this weekend’s guided walk.

I Never Knew That is the title of the next walk being led by the Bedford Association of Tour Guides, who say that even people who have lived in the town all their lives are surprised by the stories.

If buildings and architecture are your interest you will hear how the Old Town Hall itself changed its appearance in 1767.

And there’s more to discover about the intriguing mystery of the figure in the alcove above the main door.

John Howard’s statue on the Market Square has a number of strange features. How many of the thousands of people who walk past it every day will have noticed that the actual base on which the statue stands has been recycled or re used? Why this happened will be explained too.

Join the walk on Sunday, July 12, leaving the Old Town Hall at 11am. The price is £3 for adults with reductions for children. Booking is essential at the Travel and Tourist Information Centre on 01234 718112.