MP takes questions from middle school pupils on education in developing countries

Bedford and Kempston MP Richard Fuller at Newnham Middle School.
Bedford and Kempston MP Richard Fuller at Newnham Middle School.

Pupils at Newnham Middle School had the chance to put their questions about the importance of education to Bedford and Kempston MP Richard Fuller when he visited the school.

The 12-year-olds have been studying democracy and considering the impact of the Millennium Development Goals, due for ‘completion’ in September of this year.

They took part in the ‘Send My Friend to School Campaign’ as one of the goals is for every child in the world to have at least a primary education.

Pupils were asked to describe what we would do if we were world leaders. They then wrote letters to Richard Fuller MP, describing the successes of this goal and what still needs to be done.

Mr Fuller talked to pupils and answered their questions about education and his role as an MP. They then presented him with their letters and he promised to pass on their comments and views to the Prime Minister.

He said: “Doing research, evaluating data and testing against core principles was the work that led to the views that Newnham pupils presented to me on Monday about our progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals for education. It was a pleasure to hear robust arguments and clearly expressed opinions especially the school’s view that more needs to be done to give girls and disabled children better access to schooling in developing countries.

“I will take the views of Newnham’s pupils back to Westminster and share them with our Prime Minister, Mr Cameron.”

Head teacher Ruth Wilkes said: “We were delighted to welcome Mr Fuller to Newnham and for him to see for himself the pupils’ knowledge of and interest in global issues. It was fantastic to see pupils read out their own carefully thought out and well-written letters to their MP and for him to be able to respond in person. A great advertisement for democracy!”