MP supports women in state pensions campaign

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Bedford and Kempston MP Mohammad Yasin is supporting a group of women campaigning over changes made to the state pension age, affecting those born in the 1950s.

Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) is a national campaign group aiming to get justice for women affected by the decision to raise the state pension age from 60 to 65. Originally established by five women, WASPI now boasts over 70,000 members.

The Bedford WASPI Group is a recent addition to the national campaign and aims to raise awareness amongst women affected by these changes, with its first port of call to enlist the support of Mr Yasin.

After meeting with the group in his office on Duke Street on Friday, September 8, Mr Yasin offered his support to the Bedford WASPI’s first group meeting which will be held on Tuesday, September 26, at the Bedford Guild House.

Mary Allen, who is leading the Bedford WASPI Group, said: “This group was formed to fight for justice for women born in the 1950s who have suffered as a result of poorly communicated changes to the state pension age. The changes were drawn up with little or no personal notice and with a faster than promised implementation, therefore a lot of these women have been left with no time to make alternative plans.

“We want to make it clear that WASPI isn’t opposed to equalising the state pension age with men, or having the state pension age for women return to 60. What the group is campaigning for is a transitional arrangement with a bridging pension to provide an income, that is not means tested, until these women reach state pension age, as well as compensation for those who have already reached it.”

Mr Yasin said: “I am proud to support the Bedford WASPI group and its campaign. Millions of women born in the 1950s, including over 5,000 in the Bedford and Kempston constituency, are now facing the prospect of real hardship as a result of the rise in the state pension age.

“I will be continuing to work with my Parliamentary colleagues to fight against this injustice and press the Government to deliver on its promise to look at transitional arrangements and measures to help the women who have been disadvantaged.”

For further information on the Bedford WASPI Group or the public meeting on Tuesday, September 26 at 7pm, please email