Moving story of The Accrington Pals and the Great War is told by Silsoe Drama Club

Silsoe Drama Club with The Accrington Pals.
Silsoe Drama Club with The Accrington Pals.

The moving story of The Accrington Pals is told by Silsoe Drama Club next week.

Most of the boys of the Pals Brigades did not live to tell their own story, but Peter Whelan’s moving retelling of their tragic tale, means that their history will never die.

The Accrington Pals is not your average First World War play. It portrays the terrifying experiences of the men of the front line at The Battle of The Somme, mirrored by the deprivation, social changes and propaganda lies faced by the mothers, sisters and sweethearts left behind. While the story itself is fiction, the background is reality.

This poignant and harrowing play follows the lives of the characters May and Tom. May (Lecy Robinson) is an independent and hard working fruit and veg stall holder. Tom (Edward Frizzelle) is her optimistic and idealistic lodger.

Throughout the play the audience will see the romantic feelings between them grow. But their conflicting ideas about life stand in the way of their longing for each other. Will we ever see them put their differences aside and accept each other the way they are for the sake of their own happiness?

In contrast, the characters of Ralph (Antony Barke) and Eva (Zoe Bryan) have a much more controversial attitude to relationships during the first few years of The Great War. They enjoy their time together - maybe a little too much for a

couple of that era! Subsequently, they encourage May and Tom to express their feelings to each other, despite their opposing views.

Supported by a fantastic cast, each character portrays a different attitude to war and the social attitudes at that time. Through Peter Whelan’s writing we see a real glimpse of the ideas people had during that war, not just what history will allow us to believe.

Featuring a directorial debut from Rachel Hickey, a long standing member of the club, The Accrington Pals will have every member of the audience crying tears of both laughter and sorrow.

The play is presented from Thursday, November 27 until Saturday, November 29, at 7.30pm at Silsoe village hall.

Tickets are £10 from the box office on 07977 740 953

The Silsoe Drama Club cast for this production are

May – Lecy Robinson

Tom – Edward Frizzelle

Eva – Zoe Bryan

Ralph – Antony Barke

Sarah – Naomi Sherwood

Bertha – Tayla Blackman

CSM Rivers – Lee Keen

Arthur – Simon Stranks

Annie – Joy Feerick

Reggie – Sam Conquest

Director – Rachel Hickey

Producer – Joy Feerick

Assistant to the director – Lee Hill

Set design – Scarper and Bodgit aka Paul Jarvis and Mark Hedley assisted by

Rachel Hickey, Anita Jarvis, Nicky Hedley, Joy Feerick and Edward Frizzelle

Sound and Light – Paul Jarvis, Julian Sparrey, Mick Platt, James.

Costumes – Anita Jarvis, Rachel Hickey

Props – Simon Stranks, Caron Bradshaw, Rachel Hickey

Publicity/Poster Design – Edward Frizzelle

Publicity – Lee Keen, Rachel Hickey and cast

Stage Manager – Nicky Hedley

Stage Crew – Mark Hedley

FOH manager – John Rickatson

FOH Staff – Mike Brown, Phil Hammond

Box Office – Martin and Angela Ayres

Bar – Martin Ayres, Angela Ayres, Simon Sadler

Hair and Makeup – The cast