Motorist caught using dead person’s Blue Badge during crackdown

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A motorist was caught using a dead person’s Blue Badge during a town centre crackdown.

Bedford Borough Council’s fraud investigation team took to the streets of the town to confiscate false, expired and misused Blue Badges.

Five fraudulent badges were seized as part of the operation on Friday, July 10 when 162 badges were checked, of these six were identified for further investigation.

People were caught out using a relative’s Blue Badge without the disabled person being with them, using expired badges and using a deceased person’s badge.

A further two cases were identified for physical re-assessment as the investigating officer believed the motorist’s abilities were not consistent with the requirements of the scheme.

Councillor Michael Headley, who oversees finance, said “Blue Badge misuse is serious offence that means people with genuine disabilities are disadvantaged. The

Blue Badge enforcement day demonstrates that we are cracking down on this crime and will catch those motorists using badges improperly; it is not a case of if you are caught, it is when.

“The positive response to the enforcement day by motorists genuinely in need of a Blue Badge was overwhelming and allowed our teams to confirm that Bedford Borough Council is ensuring parking facilities are kept free for those that really need them.”

It is a criminal offence to break Blue Badge rules and it takes away vital parking spaces for those who may need them to access vital services, such as the doctors, pharmacy or grocery stores.

To report Blue Badge fraud or misuse confidentially call free on 0800 917 8491 or visit