More reserve recruits needed in Bedford

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The British Army is coming to Bedford as part of a reserve recruitment drive.

In an engagement event in Bedford town centre and The Mound on August Friday 19 and Saturday 20, the Army will demonstrate a wide variety of paid opportunities to anyone seeking a challenge, adventure or training in their spare-time.

The event is being held to support the British Army’s new Reserve recruitment campaign ‘A Better You’ after it was identified that over two thirds of 18-35 year olds felt that the amount of personal sacrifice, of which time is a major factor, was too high.

With a time commitment of 19 days a year, much of which is made up of short training evenings during the week, becoming an Army Reservist is not the big time commitment some may initially imagine and the rewards are huge.

Seven different Army Reserve units/corps will be involved, including The Royal Anglian Regiment, 167 Catering Support Regiment of the Royal Logistic Corps, 254 Medical Regiment and 6 Regiment Army Air Corps, offering a wide variety of paid opportunities to anyone seeking a challenge and adventure or training in their spare-time.

The event will also give visitors an insight into some of the cutting edge technology and valuable equipment the Army uses every day. This includes virtual reality headsets powered by Oculus Rift to provide an amazing 360-degree experience of what it’s like to do an Army parachute jump, drive a Challenger battle tank and to take part in military exercises.

Malcolm Mooney, Royal Logistics Corps, said: “Too many young people aren’t considering the Army Reserve because of false preconceptions, from thinking they don’t have enough time to be a reservist to believing that they will have to join for a long time and it’s difficult to leave when the reverse is true.

“The Army Reserve should be a top choice for all those wanting to make the most of their spare time. This event in Bedford will help encourage young people to have open and honest conversations with current Reservists about their experiences, discuss any reservations and consider all that The Army Reserve has to offer.”

Kelly Smith, Apache Groundcrew Specialist, will be attending the event and said: “I have been in the Army Reserves for six years now and I have loved every minute of it.

“The Reserves has allowed me to travel the world, on both exercise and operations, where I have made friends for life. One of my most memorable experiences was when I was part of the safety and security force for the London 2012 Olympics.”

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