Mobile signs to remind drivers to slow down

Motorists who break the speed limit through Bromham and Biddenham will be reminded to slow down by two new flashing signs.

Tuesday, 23rd February 2016, 10:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd February 2016, 10:30 am
The signs, purchased by Cllr Jon Gambold and Cllr Roger Rigby from their Council Ward Funds, will warn motorists who exceed the 30mph speed limit. PNL-160223-111916001

Anyone exceeding the 30mph speed limit will set off the battery-operated signs, which can be repositioned to new areas at residents’ request.

The mobile signs were bought by Councillors Jon Gambold and Roger Rigby from Council Ward Funds.

Cllr Rigby said: “We are frequently contacted by residents fed up with speeding vehicles.

“These signs will be a strong reminder to motorists that they need to drive within the speed limit in Bromham and Biddenham.”

Cllr Jon Gambold added: “We are pleased the signs are mobile and can be moved between the villages and from street to street.

“At the moment they are situated on Grange Lane to improve road safety around Bromham Lower School.

“We can then relocate them to problem areas, so long as there is a suitable lamppost to install them onto safely.”