Memorial to fallen and forgotten men

Ian Mould, of Shortstown with his plaque.
Ian Mould, of Shortstown with his plaque.

After successfully raising £5,000, a military enthusiast can fulfil his dream of building a monument to the men of The Bedfordshire Regiment.

Ian Mould, from Shortstown, has been working on the project for the memorial at Tyncot British Cemetery, in Belgium, for the past year.

Now he has the Portland stone plaque and a pile of Bedfordshire bricks, and is preparing to set off with two friends to build it.

Ian said he was moved to create a memorial for the men who fought and died in World War I after he realised there is nothing on the Western Front to commemorate the regiment, which became the Beds and Herts Regiment in 1919.

He said: “I really wanted to do something to remember them.

“It seems practically nobody knows there even was a Bedfordshire Regiment.

“The ones who weren’t killed just seemed to have faded away and died in old age without being recognised for their bravery.”

The plaque will be displayed in a brick-built plinth, at the Passchendaele Memorial Museum, along with a brick taken from the regiment’s Kempston Barracks.

Ian hopes the monument will be officially unveiled on November 10.