Meerkats and lizards visit Bedfordshire school for Science Week

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Children at Hazeldene Lower School were reaching for the stars during this year’s Science Week.

Using 3D virtual technology headsets, the pupils took a trip to outer space and began their Astronaut training.

They enjoyed a range of space related activities aimed at developing problem solving, teamwork and physical fitness.

During the week rockets were designed and launched, Martian soils investigated, lunar craters explored and UV resistant space suits designed.

Space Ambassadors were on hand to investigate Martian soils and explain the existence of planets.

Students also learned the importance of physical fitness by training for a space walk, completing an astro agility course and conducting hydration experiments.

Back to earth and pupils studied the science of the animal kingdom and were visited by a range of animals including large lizards and baby Meerkats.

Teacher Jeanette Pocock said: “We all had a wonderful time, it is great to bring some many aspects of science to life in our classrooms.”