‘Meditation saved my life after my husband left me’

b12-996 Elizabeth Drake of Bedford is a Reiki master.
b12-996 Elizabeth Drake of Bedford is a Reiki master.

“My husband left me and I literally thought I was going to die”

Elizabeth Drake spent most of her life suffering with severe anxiety and agoraphobia, she was crippled with low self-confidence and a fear of being disliked.

And when her husband left her 
after months of verbal and emotional abuse, her whole world fell apart.

But instead of shutting herself off from the world, she turned her life around after, she says, she was saved by meditation therapies. Two years on, she says she is happier than she has ever been.

Elizabeth, 50, is now a reiki master, and performs crystal, colour and angel healing, meditation sessions, and crystal and tarot readings.

She also runs a group session of guided meditation once a week, with a discussion period at the end.

Elizabeth, who was born in Bristol, moved to Bedford when she was two years old.

She says her problems started as a child: “I had a very lonely childhood. My parents split up before I was born and my mother was very bitter towards my father, she never got over it.

“The contact between me and my dad got less and less over the years and I was only seeing him twice a year. My mum would get so upset whenever he visited that I just stopped talking to him. In essence I pushed him away.

“So it was just me and my mum for a very long time. I developed agoraphobia, I was too scared to leave the house and my mum didn’t even notice. I was bullied at school and found it very hard to make friends.

“I would always get this feeling that everyone hated me, so I just shut myself away. Eventually I started to overcome it by making myself go out.”

When Elizabeth was 20, she met her husband, and went on to have three children with him.

But two years ago her husband walked out on her after, she says, he subjected her to months of emotional and verbal abuse.

She said: “He was going through a hard time because his dad had died. He was very depressed and he took it out on me. I knew things were bad between us, but I always thought we would work it out.

“But one day he said he had met someone else and he was leaving me. I literally thought I would die. I didn’t know how I was going to carry on.

“I had a friend who did reiki and meditation, so I gave reiki a go. And that hour completely changed my life. Reiki is about balancing out your energies. If you have negative energy and something going on in your life, it can help you forget about that.

“It really helped me to address all of the issues from my childhood and my marriage. When I was married I had no friends, but I’m now surrounded with people.

“I still get nervous about talking to people, but the only way to get over it is to face your fears and that is what I have done.”

Elizabeth runs her sessions from the Friends Meeting House in Lansdowne Road. Her group sessions are held on Fridays from 6.30pm.

For more call Elizabeth on 07816 236659