Media performance graduate and doctors star inspires students

University of Bedfordshire graduate and Doctors actress Mandy Thandi paid a visit to inspire the current cohort of Media Performance students.

Actress Mandi Thandi.
Actress Mandi Thandi.

It took Mandy just one year to secure herself an on-going role in the hit BBC daytime drama series Doctors.

Mandy, who graduated in 2014, said: “I never thought in a million years that just one year after graduating I would be appearing in a TV soap.”

The Doctors star was able to share her advice with current students on how to break in to the industry while still at university and how to carry on afterwards.

Media performance lecturer Rachel Clark said: “Just over a year ago, Mandy was studying the exact same course and has come so far already.

“She is an example of what hard work produces and is an encouragement for all students to follow.”

The masterclass was held to inform the students in how to enhance their skills and advise them on the steps they could put in place now to get their career on track.

Mandy said: “It’s been a great privilege for me to be able to come back and share my knowledge and experience with the students.

“I’m sure most of the things I’ve said have been heard before, but having someone who has been in the exactly same shoes as them a short time ago will give them the added motivation they need to succeed and prove that anything is possible.”

Throughout the session Mandy stressed the importance of networking and spoke about the opportunities that come from contacts they make at such events.

She encouraged the students to have their own business cards but most importantly to create their own showreel.

Mandy gave the students a sneak preview of her own showreel which included snippets from her scenes on Doctors but also included exclusive footage of an upcoming feature film she has been cast in but hasn’t been released yet.

Mandy said: “The course here prepared me really well. Initially I wanted to go to drama school but I never got in.

“But when I came to university, I learnt everything from being behind the camera to being in front of it so it prepared me really well. The course was designed to put theory into practice.”