Man’s musings of Maulden life

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News focus

A villager has published a year of his reflections on life in Maulden and further afield.

Richard Farquharson published his book Musings from Maulden, which is a collection of his weekly entries over the last year, set against the backdrop of village life, and other travels.

Richard, who is in his mid 50s and an active member of his local church, had planned for his weekly entries to be published in a faith publication but this never came about.

Richard said: “The book brings together a year’s worth of weekly articles which I wrote in the hope of having them published.

“This never happened but I felt I did not want them never to see the light of day, hence bringing them together in the book.

“I felt it would be good to share the activities, places and experiences which I was doing myself, seeing and experiencing.

“And to introduce others to this part of Bedfordshire and to some of the other locations featured in the book, particularly the largely unknown word of monasteries and convents.”

In the book Richard also reflects on the changes he has seen to Maulden over the last year, including new housing developments , a pub closure and the closure of the post office and shop, which he feels has had the most impact.

He added: “It has been interesting to see how village residents have come together over issues which concerned them, such as a proposed traveller’s site and, recently, meeting to discuss a spate of local burglaries and to find ways of combatting this.”

Musings From Maulden is available now and selling for £6.99.