Man’s best friend dog sculpture thrown into Bedford river after religious row

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The story of a sculptor called Price who turned the remains of a tree trunk into a giant dog had an unhappy ending this week.

Prince Jah, originating from Sierra Leone, has spent the past two weeks working on his project at the Slipe (Queens footbridge).

Hundreds of passers-by saw him chiselling the remains of an old willow trunk to create the shape of a large dog.

“It was harmless and delightful occupation that was giving pleasure to many,” said one passer-by.

“It was beautiful, so much so that at least one person offered him money to take it away to her garden,” she said.

But Prince, whose passion is creating works of art out of waste, did not have long to enjoy his sculpture once it was finally finished..

A witness said: “A group of men appeared some of whom accused him of depicting an animal shape that this was forbidden in their religion. The dog sculpture was then thrown into the river, lost to us all.”

The witness added: ““There was nothing idolotrous in this work of art.”