Man jailed for trying to smuggle drugs and phone charger into prison

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A man has been jailed for three months after trying to smuggle drugs into a prison.

Kevin Smithson, 38, of Needwood Road, Bedford, was arrested last Thursday (October 22).

The following day he pleaded guilty in court to attempting to smuggle a psychoactive substance called Spice, also known as synthetic marijuana, and a mobile phone charger into Norwich Prison.

Mark Nicholson, from the Eastern region Specialist Operations Unit who worked with HMP Norwich to bring Smithson to justice, said: “This was a joint intelligence-led operation that led to a successful outcome with a custodial sentence. Working with agencies such as the prison service is vital to combat this type of crime so we’re really pleased with the result and the swift course of action.”

Will Styles Governor of HMP Norwich added: “Those who would try to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into this prison need to know that they are breaking the law. We are deploying a lot of very committed and capable police and prison staff, state of the art technology and Dog Units, to find you, arrest you, and imprison you.”