Man escaped from flat fire

b12-1299 Scene of fire at Richbell Court, Bedford.
b12-1299 Scene of fire at Richbell Court, Bedford.

Firefighters have been battling a blaze this morning (Friday) after a flat caught fire.

Fire crews from Bedford and Kempston attended the scene after a man noticed his flat was on fire, escaped, and called the emergency services.

The Bedfordshire Luton Fire and Service were called to the scene at Richbell Court in Bedford at around 10am.

Station commander Simon Marlow said: “There was a person in the flat, but he got himself out. Firefighters went in with breathing apparatus and put the fire out with a jet.

“They then ventilated the premises and made sure all of the staircases were free from smoke.

“The man was suffering from smoke inhalation and an ambulance attended to see to him, but there was no need to take him to hospital.”

It is believed the fire was accidental and started from the hob in the kitchen.