Make sure your boat is registered or it could be removed from the water

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Boaters are being reminded to renew their registration before April 1 or risk their vessel being removed from the waterways.

The Environment Agency has launched its annual crackdown to remove dangerous and unregistered board from Anglian Waterways.

One unregistered vessel has been removed from the River Wissey in Norfolk and there are plans to remove more in the coming weeks.

All boats kept, used or let for hire on Environment Agency waterways, including the main river, private moorings, marinas or backwaters, must be registered.

As part of this process owners must have the appropriate safety certificates and relevant insurances.

f a vessel is not registered the Environment Agency cannot be sure it is safe - it could be a potential hazard to other boat users and they may also be a pollution risk and have negative impacts on wildlife.

Environment Agency enforcement officer Candy Reed said: “If you keep, use or let for hire a vessel on any Anglian Waterway you must display a valid registration disc and registration number. Failure to register your vessel is a criminal offence, you may be prosecuted and risk having your vessel removed. We will also look to recover our costs wherever possible from the vessel owner”.

Owners who fail to renew their registration will receive written warnings and final notices are issued in the form of a ‘yellow sticker’. If no proof of registration is provided within 28 days, then the Environment Agency will consider removing the vessel from the water.

For advice on how to register a vessel contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506, email, write to Environment Agency, Boat Registration, PO Box 544, Rotherham, S60 1BY or visit