Machete attacker jailed for Bedford stabbing

A man who stabbed a guest at a house party in Bedford, has been jailed for three years after admitting causing grievous bodily harm and possessing a machete.


Sean Ankers, 26, of Gleneagles Drive, Luton, stabbed a stranger who was trying to calm him down after he was thrown out of the gathering in Carrick Road, following an altercation with an ex-girlfriend.

The victim suffered a wound to his leg requiring emergency medical treatment and two operations, after being stabbed on August 5.

Ankers pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and possession of a weapon in a public place, at Luton Crown Court, on Thursday, December 3.

He was sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment.

PC Ryan Barnes said: “Ankers caused a great deal of fear and distress to the partygoers at this event and has caused immeasurable damage to the victim, who no doubt will carry mental scars as well as the physical ones from this attack.

“This lengthy custodial sentence is a good result which demonstrates violent behaviour and the carrying of weapons will not be tolerated on the streets of Bedfordshire, and we will seek to prosecute anyone who behaves in this despicable way.”