Love of chocolate doesn’t stop Bromham slimmer shedding the pounds

Slimmer Donna Phillips
Slimmer Donna Phillips

A chocoholic who has lost over 4 stones in weight will be helping slimmers in Bromham.

Donna Phillips joined Slimming World initially to support her partner with weight loss because she didn’t think she would be able to lose weight herself because of her love of chocolate, so she was resigned to be unhappy about her weight forever.

Donna Phillips

Donna Phillips

However, Donna managed to lose 4½ stone without needing to give up her favourite treat, and she now wants to share that feeling with others and will be taking over as consultant of one the Bromham groups starting on bank holiday Monday, May 28.

Donna said: “One of the best things about following food optimising is the freedom to enjoy all your favourite foods and never needing to feel hungry. Things like spaghetti bolognaise, chicken tikka masala, even the traditional full English are some of my favourites.”

“The flexibility of food optimising means I can choose to use my ‘syns’ on whatever I want, which means I can still enjoy some chocolate every day and lose weight.”

She added: “The support from the group is what really helped my weight loss. I was given all the information I needed right up front, but the group guidance on how to make the most of the foods available is what really made me successful.

“I have learned how to safely include my chocolaty treats, learning from others the savvy ways to make the most of what’s on offer – like learning how to make an awesome white chocolate dip perfect for summer strawberries.

“There is support for all dietary needs and preferences in the group, for example we have many members in the group I attend who need to avoid gluten, or dairy and this fits in perfectly with a vegetarian or vegan diet as well.”

She takes over the group that meets on a Monday evening - including all bank holidays - at Bromham Primary School, Grange Lane site, on May 28 at 7.30pm. For more information call Donna on 07960 844280, or visit