Lollipop lady’s family react to dangerous driving verdict

Court news
Court news

The family of a lollipop lady knocked down outside a school say they are “sorry” the driver has been cleared of dangerous driving charges.

Sylvia Blackburn suffered an irreparable brain injury when she was run over in December last year.

Driver Brian White told the jury he did not see the 71-year-old as she stepped out into the road because he was blinded by the sun.

At Luton Crown Court today, Mr White was found not guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and careless driving.

In a statement issued by Mrs Blackburn’s manager Andrew McGrory on behalf of her family said: “The family are sorry that the court has reached the verdict it has, but nothing that the court could have done can restore Sylvia to the loving and much loved wife, mother, grandmother, Great Grandmother, friend, colleague and lollipop lady that Sylvia was before the events of the December 19, 2014.

“The family acknowledge that Brian Wright did not set out that day to cause hurt or harm to anyone but the fact remains that his actions did cause Sylvia’s irreparable brain injury and his failure to plead guilty at the earliest opportunity have caused the family continued angst.

“The family would like to thank the Police and Crown Prosecution Service for their diligence and professionalism they have shown whilst dealing with this case, and all those that helped on the day the collision occurred, and all those that have sent their best wishes, love and prayers since.”

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