Little Thatch deliver miniature building to special needs school

Little Thatch delivery.
Little Thatch delivery.

A company based in Ampthill which produces garden buildings of distinction has helped a special needs school to take delivery of a miniature thatched building.

The Little Thatched Company gained the support and donations of Champneys Henlow, and Travis Perkins, Hemel Hempstead, to install the delightful thatched building at The Collet School.

The building was gifted at cost price to assist the children that attend the school, where many have severe learning difficulties and disabilities. The school relies heavily on donations and local support.

A conpany spokeswoman said: “Within four hours of the building being onsite it has already had positive responses from many children, including one boy who has been out of education for three years due to his special needs.

“He was placed at The Collett School a week prior to delivery and teachers were struggling to find ways to engage with him. Following installation of the building at The Collett School the boy was offered a reward for good behaviour, he requested time in the building, and it transpires that he has a passion for woodwork!

“The teachers now have a link to support and work with him, and we have offered monthly woodwork sessions to help support many of the children that attend the school.

“The Little Thatched Company is a privately owned company producing hand made garden buildings and work with individuals and companies to produce garden buildings of distinction, on this occasion we not only produced a beautiful building but a building that will positively impact the learning and behaviour of all that attend The Collett School in Hemel Hempstead.”