Lifts at Bedford Station back in use after major upgrade

MBTC Bedford station upgrade
MBTC Bedford station upgrade

The lifts at Bedford station are back in use, thanks to improvements carried out by Network Rail.

The lifts were refurbished as part of a two-month upgrade, allowing passengers with additional needs to access the platforms more easily.

Rob McIntosh, Route Managing Director at Network Rail, said: “This work was absolutely vital and we are delighted that it is now complete.

“We’d like to thank station users for their patience whilst this work took place.

“Before the upgrade, the lifts were unreliable and this work means we have created a more modern and reliable railway which meets the needs of all passengers at the station.”

Thameslink Bedford Station manager, Joe Healy said: “We’re delighted to have the lifts back in operation. They make a huge difference to all those passengers who are unable to climb the stairs, not least of all customers in wheelchairs but also parents with buggies and people with heavy luggage.”