Life and times of evangelist told during guided walk as country faces Civil War

John Bunyan's statue in St Peter's Sreet, Bedford.
John Bunyan's statue in St Peter's Sreet, Bedford.

The life and times of one of Bedford’s most famous sons is told in this weekend’s guided walk.

John Bunyan the great evangelist, preacher and author of The Pilgrims Progress was born in the village of Elstow, now part of Bedford borough.

As a young man he was considered to be a bit of a lad, being a drinker and lover of the village girls as well as said to be the best swearer in Cromwell’s army. But one day on his way into Bedford he overheard a group or women outside St John’s Church talking about a sermon they had just heard from their local pastor, John Gifford. Something about their conversation attracted him and he determined to seek out Gifford to discover more.

Much of the rest of the story is set in Bedford after Bunyan moved here with his family into St Cuthberts Street, and then also found himself imprisoned for 12 years. These were troubled times for the whole nation during the Civil War and Bedford was not exempt from the conflict.

To hear the full story of John Bunyan and of life in Bedford in the late 1600s join the guided walk due to take place on Sunday, August 23, leaving the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square at 11am.

Booking is essential by calling the Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112.