Liberal Democrats announce candidates for Bedfordshire parliamentary seats

Candidates Daniel and Lisa
Candidates Daniel and Lisa

The Central Bedfordshire Liberal Democrats have announced Lisa French and Daniel Norton as their candidates to stand in Mid Bedfordshire and South West Bedfordshire for the 2017 General Election.

The party had been aware of the possibility of a snap General Election and identified candidates to fight seats in advance of the Prime Minister’s announcement.

Lisa French, who is standing in Mid Beds, has campaigned for the Lib Dems in Bedfordshire for some time.

She says “I am standing in this election to oppose a Hard Brexit and to fight for the UK to remain a member of the single market.

“I am concerned that many schools in Mid Bedfordshire are facing cuts because of the government’s new funding formula, and I will be campaigning to protect school funding.”

Daniel Norton was inspired to take a more active role in politics during the EU Referendum and will be standing in South West Bedfordshire.

“I believe that Britain is an open, tolerant and united society and I am standing to give people the opportunity to vote for a strong opposition to the Tory Hard Brexit plan,” he said.

“I would like to see more opportunities for lifelong education, a properly funded NHS and a strong ongoing relationship with Europe.”

Both candidates have already started campaigning across their constituencies, they will be out meeting residents this week and supporting the Lib Dem candidates for upcoming council by-elections in Shefford and Biggleswade.