LEISURE: Discover stories behind the faces in weekend guided walk

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Every picture tells a story - at least that is what the old adage says.

Rather than pictures, this week’s guided walk will introduce you to the faces of the various memorials and statues in the town centre. The walk will be conducted by a member of Bedford Association of Tour Guides who will act as the voice and interpret the story attached to each one.

The Boer War Memorial outside the Swan Hotel is a social history in itself as it illustrates clearly that before the nationalisation of the army by Kitchener, the local regiments were all formed, raised and even funded by the aristocracy.

Walkers will see Comptons Horse and Pagets Horse as examples. These regiments have long since disappeared as indeed have their successors -the proud county regiments.

The town has the bust of Glenn Miller outside the Corn Exchange and if you join the walk you will hear why - but it could equally have been David Niven, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby or the Andrews Sisters that were accorded the honour of being placed there.

To find out more, join the walk which leaves the War Memorial at the bottom of Rothsay Road at 11am on Sunday.

Booking is essential by calling the Tourist Information Centre on 01234 718112.