Lecturer’s art goes on show at Dismaland

Austerity WTF by Noel Douglas
Austerity WTF by Noel Douglas

A University of Bedfordshire lecturer has a work of art on display at Banksy’s infamousDismaland theme park in Weston-super-Mare.

Senior lecturer in graphic design Noel Douglas is showing his work, entitled Austerity WTF!, at the unknown graffiti artists show, which opened on August 22 and runs for five weeks.

Noel’s piece is in an area of the resort dubbed Guerilla Island, which features a number of other anti-austerity portrayals.

Noel said: “It’s great to be involved in Dismaland.

“Banksy inspires many of the students I teach for his honesty in talking truth about power, and the cheeky and brave nature of most of his work.

“The part of the ‘Bemusement Park’ I’ve been partly responsible for collects lots of different radical voices and our installation allows the general public to produce their own propaganda against austerity.

“We hope it will inspire many visitors, some of which I hope will be my students and prospective students.”

Noel’s work is part of Occupy Design, a collective he set up in 2011 in collaboration with a number of other artists and designers.

Occupy Design focuses on the use of design in political and social movements.

Alongside his university work, Noel and his colleagues have carried out workshops, talks and seminars, earning them the opportunity to be involved in Banksy’s event.