Learn to sew round Janet’s kitchen table

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Home dressmaking is back in style - but where do you start if you never learnt to sew?

A good place is Janet Lehain’s kitchen table, where she runs classes for complete beginners and improvers.

Janet, a former Sharnbrook Upper School teacher, has been passing on the art of needle and thread for about three-and-a-half years, inspired by a friend who asked her how to sew on a button.

She said: “It evolved from there as I really enjoyed the challenge of getting her to sew. After teaching other friends, I decided to run classes.

“I invested in five sewing machines, which takes away the main obstacle for beginners to have a go. They can try before buying a machine.”

Janet finds most of her students are women but there have been a few men keen to learn. Most are beginners, turning a sewing machine on for the first time.

Janet said: “Once they have learnt the basics, I then offer follow-on courses where people can improve their skills. We learn how to measure ourselves properly and adjust a pattern for a tailored fit.

“People want to move away from fast fashion. They really like to have something unique in their wardrobe.”

Janet is now taking bookings for her next beginners’ classes, run from her Bedford home, and a hand-sewn Christmas decoration session.

For more information go to kitchentablesewing.blogspot.co.uk