Last chance to kick up stink over planned waste incinerator plant near Bedford

Numerous protests have been held against plans for waste incinerator plant
Numerous protests have been held against plans for waste incinerator plant

Residents are being urged to grab their last chance to kick up a stink over controversial plans for a giant waste incinerator near Stewartby.

Despite receiving nearly 2,000 objections, the Environment Agency has said it is “minded” to issue a permit for the plant.

But first it is staging a “second consultation period” which will last until October 23.

And officers will attend a “public drop-in” meeting at the Marston Vale Forest Centre between 1pm and 7pm on Wednesday (Sept 20) to listen to residents’ concerns.

Campaigners against the incinerator are urging as many people as possible to turn up, ask questions and make clear the strength of local opinion over the plans.

They claim the plant – as big as the Cardington airship hangars and with a chimney as tall as Big Ben – could trigger a whole set of health problems, including heart and lung disease, cancers and asthma.

They fear it will pump out three times more nitrous oxide than a coal-fired power station, six times more lead, twice as much carbon monoxide and 70 per cent more sulphur dioxide.

On top of that, up to 600 trucks a day will rumble through the county’s leafy lanes bringing in rubbish from all over Britain to be burnt.

Nicola Ryan-Raine, of Bedfordshire against Covanta Incinerator, said: “There are many environmental and health issues here, and the added pollution is being taken very seriously by people living nearby.

“We are urging residents to attend this Wednesday’s event and voice their very valid concerns for Marston Vale and the surrounding area.

“We must show the Environment Agency that we are not impressed.”