Kempston teacher launches time-travelling tale in new book

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What if you had a way to go back in time and fix the little things, like missing a train or breaking an ornament or priceless family heirloom?

That’s the premise behind an exciting new children’s book published on Amazon by a local teacher and writer.

‘Slipp In Time’ is written by Jonas Lane, who currently teaches in Kempston.

Combining a life-love long of writing, humour, history and science fiction, Lane has created a fun-filled tale aimed at engaging and delighting primary aged children, whilst being accessible to other school ages and adults too.

“Initially I came up with the idea of Slipp for my young son,” says Lane.

“But having taught many reluctant readers, I decided to write the book to try and encourage a love of reading for all children.

“Often books are over-priced or printed in a way to maximise profits without considering the young reader themselves.

“In writing Slipp In Time I’ve tried putting the reader’s needs first.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback I’ve received, with so many positive customer reviews being left on Amazon.

“I’ve even been asked to hurry up and write a follow up book.”

Slipp In Time is published in an easy-to-read large soft cover format, it is the first book in a series of misadventures about two young cousins and an eccentric inventor who travel back and forth in history, causing chaos wherever they go.

Slipp In Time by Jonas Lane is available to order from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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