Kempston boy completes London tube marathon

Kempston schoolboy remarkably visited all of London's 270 underground stations in just two days.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 4:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 4:21 pm
Thomas Holland, 10, visited all 270 underground stations in London

10-year-old Thomas Holland, who attends Kempston Rural School, spent six months planning his challenge including the fastest routes and connections.

Essential details included where the nearest toilets were located in case of a enforced ‘pit-stops’.

On half-term, Thomas set off from Chesham on Saturday morning, October 20, with his grandma.

And when the pair arrived back at Bedford just after midnight they had visited over 170 stations.

Thomas’ grandad, Chris Izzard, said: “They took longer than anticipated as they were caught up in crowded stations due to the EU Referendum march.

“Many good natured protesters took great interest in the adventure, and gran’s faithful recording by phone and video of Thomas standing in front of all the station signs, was evidence of having been there.”

Thomas learnt the entire underground complex and used over ground buses, trams and even walking to achieve the best possible times.

Mr Izzard says underground staff were amazed by Thomas’ knowledge of the network.

He said: “Many helpful underground staff telling Thomas that he knew more than them about the network.

“Thomas even recited to them, from memory, all the stations that make up the network.”

On Wednesday 24th Thomas and his gran left Bedford station at 6.18 am to start again from West Hampstead, arriving at the final 270th station, Heathrow terminal 5, at 9.30pm.