Justice Squad founded at Bedford primary start their campaign trail

Putnoe Primary Justice Squad
Putnoe Primary Justice Squad

Pupils at Putnoe Primary School in Bedford have formed the schools have set up a Justice Squad.

The club was set up by Alaia, Mariam, Hanna and Irmgard to focus on campaigning for women’s rights including closing the gender pay gap and girl’s education in Africa.

The club now has 16 members and meets every week after school.

The squad studied the Suffragette Movement who were known for campaigning through letter writing and decided to use this method themselves to get their voices heard.

So far they have written to Prime Minister Teresa May whose office has responded and forwarded their letter to Home Office for review. They have also written a poem about women’s rights which has been made into a video.

Talented pupil Aadhirai has designed a comic book which will be circulated to all the pupils and features the story of Malala, a prominent advocate for girls’ education and women’s equality as well as a UN Messenger of Peace.

The four founder pupils were inspired to set up the club by a workshop hosted by the Bedford Chronicles as part of the Heritage Lottery funded Risk Takers and History Makers project, a partnership project with the John Bunyan Museum and Panacea Museum.

Co-founder Hanna, 10, said: “We heard about the women in the project and it made us really think about women in the past and how they were treated. We found out about the Suffragettes and how they fought to give us the vote and we decided that we wanted to make sure that girls in the future had equal pay and that girls in other countries have a proper education just like we do.”