Judge will not overturn life term conviction for Bedford man

The case was heard at Luton Crown Court
The case was heard at Luton Crown Court

A man serving a life term for the murder of a teenage rapper has lost the last chance to overturn his conviction.

Isaac Stone, 19, who was also known as Dynamikk, died after a savage attack with knives in Costin Street, Bedford in January 2014.

Mohammed Hussain, 24, Fahim Khan, 22, and brothers Javed and Rubel Miah, 22 and 21, were jailed for life for the killing.

They had been convicted at Luton Crown Court in September 2014 under the controversial ‘joint enterprise’ law.

Under that rule, defendants can be convicted even if they did not participate in the fatal attack, but had provided a supporting or encouraging role.

The men were back in court last year after a ruling that judges had misinterpreted the joint enterprise rule.

Lord chief justice Lord Thomas rejected the appeal applications in October, but yesterday Javed Miah attempted to take his case to the Supreme Court.

Michael Turner QC argued that, in rejecting Miah’s case last October, the Court of Appeal was wrong.

However, in a brief judgment hearing, Lord Thomas rejected Miah’s application, condemning him to serve his sentence.

Miah is serving a minimum of 26 years for the murder of Mr Stone, who was killed in an attack believed to have been sparked by a music video.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube, alcohol was sprayed over some graffiti, which jurors were told caused offence to one or more of the attackers.

CCTV footage captured a street brawl in Costin Street, where the Miah brothers lived and where Mr Stone had driven to with friends.

During a vicious attack by the gang, armed with a meat cleaver and a knife, Mr Stone was cornered before being stabbed repeatedly. He died later in hospital.

In last October’s judgment, Lord Thomas said the ‘common purpose’ of the gang had been to inflict serious injury on Mr Stone.