Jewel in the crown a place for romantic encounters

Suspension Bridge, Bedford.
Suspension Bridge, Bedford.

Bedford’s beautiful Embankment is the subject of this weekend’s walk.

Every town must have a certain feature that it regards as its jewel in the crown, and this accolade belongs to the whole Embankment area.

Constructed in the 1880s from unused farm land, derelict hovels and an overgrown mill stream, this reclaimed area soon became the feature by which Bedford was recognised.

It was even once used on those iconic British Railways travel posters which have now become so collectable.

Punts and rowing boats used to be available for hire from several places on the river and many a local romance began with the young lady being gently rowed upstream on a Sunday afternoon.

You can hear more about the history of the bandstand and its first location in the town, together with the campaign by residents to get it moved.

There is also more about the opening of the Suspension Bridge and its fairytale appearance covered as it was in candles.

The walk led by the Bedford Association of Tour Guides, is on Sunday, June 21, leaving the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square at 11am The walk takes about 90 minutes and is suitable for all.

Booking is essential by calling the Bedford Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112.