Jealous man threatend to kill girlfriend because he thought she was having an affair


A jealous man attacked his girlfriend and threatened to kill her because he thought she was having an affair, a court heard.

Geoffrey Stratton, 29, of Eagle Gardens, Bedford, was described as jealous and obsesssive. He has been ordered to attend a Building Better Relationships Programme and will be supervised by probation officers for two years. He must also carry out 100 hours’ unpaid work for the attack on Roxanna Norman.

Prosecutor George Heimler told Luton Crown Court yesterday (Thursday) that the couple had been in a seven-year relationship, but said it was characterised by arguments when Stratton accused her of sleeping with other people.

On December 28 last year he picked her up from work at a bar after sending her numerous text messages. In one, he said he wanted her to tell him the truth and claimed he was a complete psychopath.

As they drove home, he said: “Start telling me the truth or I will kill you.” He grabbed her and slapped her.

Once at home, he demanded to see who she had been communicating with on her laptop. He slapped her face, threw her on the bed and pinned her down. At one point he put his forearm across her neck. She had bruising on her face.

“He told her she was not allowed to leave. When she wanted to use the bathroom, he would not allow her to take her mobile with her,” said Mr Heimler.

When Stratton left for the shops in the morning, she went to a friend’s house and the police were called.

Stratton pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm. In 2007 he was given a 12 month restraining order for harassing a former partner.

David Wood, defending, said Stratton had pleaded guilty and expressed remorse. He said he had no history of violence.

Recorder Patrick Fields told him: “The use of violence against anyone is appalling. You used violence against your female partner. You should be totally ashamed of yourself. You are obsessive, and a streak of jealousy runs through your character.”

Stratton must also pay £900 prosecution costs.