Jail for illegal immigrant in attack after argument at Asian sports tournament

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An illegal immigrant living in Queens Park, Bedford attacked and beat up another man after they had clashed at a school’s Asian sports tournament.

Heera Lal, of Marlborough Road, dragged the man out of his home and set about him.

He pleaded guilty At Luton Crown Court to assaulting Baljit Sidhu occasioning actual bodily harm.

Oliver Wellings, prosecuting, told how on August 4 2013 Lal had been at Biddenham Upper School where a Kabadi Asian sports tournament was being held.

The court heard he had been drinking and while there got into a heated exchange with Mr Sidhu.

Later that day Lal, who was still angry over what had occurred at the school, turned up at Mr Sidhu’s home in Bedford with five other men.

Judge David Farrell QC hearing the case was told Mr Sidhu was dragged out of the house and set upon by the defendant and others.

During the attack he was hit by a metal bar, but the court was told it was accepted that Lal had not been responsible.

However Mr Sidhu had been kicked and punched in what was a sustained beating and suffered a nasty cut to his head.

Lal, the court was told, had played a leading role in the assault.

Judge Farrell was told Lal was an illegal immigrant who had been in this country for 10 years and was in a stable relationship.

Lal was jailed for 18 months.

The judge told him “This was a serious assault which could have had much more serious consequences.”

Lal was told it would be for the Border Agency to decide if he should remain in the UK.