It’s a Bug’s World brings a tropical jungle to Shortstown

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It’s a Bug’s World is making a welcome return to Shortstown - turning the village hall into a tropical jungle.

This annual exhibition is perfect for aspiring entomologists and herpetologists and it’s for those who have an interest in conservation and wildlife around the world.

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This informal, educational exhibition is an exciting opportunity to get close to a wide variety of animals, including bugs, and discover that despite their reputation, they’re not

as creepie crawlie as you think.

On display will be many different species of invertebrates from snails, spiders and scorpions, to millipedes and locusts. There will also be opportunities for

animal handling experiences with their keepers.

Custom Aquaria will be in attendance with their terrariums and vivariums, and a variety of other animal equipment, gifts and other

animal-themed related goods will be available too.

The breeders’ tables will have a wide range of invertebrates for sale for beginners to the more experienced pet owners. 
In addition, Black Cricket Kids Club will have activities available for children and there will also be a DWA/venomous animal talk for adults. 
The qualified and experienced keepers will answer queries and questions and guide you through how the animals live in the

wild and how we can take care of them properly at home as pets. 
The local natural history society will be attending with a variety of fascinating artefacts and there will also be a range of steampunk gifts and goodies too.

There will be a wealth of information, static displays, interactive activities and children’s entertainment to get you inspired by these wonderful creatures. 
The exhibition is suitable for everyone who enjoys pet ownership and wildlife and is open to the general public between 10am-4pm on Sunday, May 6.

More information can be found at bugs-world- bedford_-6- may