Is Bedford home to the country’s biggest sunflower?

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Does Bedford have the tallest sunflower in the country?

Wendy Staplehurst and her husband Colin from Goldington Road have grown a 12 foot sunflower in their back garden - which, incredibly is still growing.

Wendy said: “It’s the first time we’ve grown sunflowers. We just put the seeds in the ground and have been lucky - it’s like Jack and the Beanstalk when we look out of the window!”

The world’s tallest sunflower was 8.75 m (28 ft 8.49 in) tall when measured in Kaarst, Germany, on 27 August 2013 belonging to Hans-Peter Schiffer who had previously held the record.

Wendy added: “I don’t think ours will get to 28 foot but amazingly it’s still getting bigger!”

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