Instructor to attempt wakeboarding world record by spending seven hours on the water

James Gray.
James Gray.

A wakeboarding instructor will spend seven hours surfing the water in a Guinness World Record attempt in aid of Cancer Research UK.

James Gray, 24, will eat and drink while on the move and even take toilet breaks during the challenge at Box End Park Lake in Kempston this Friday.

He is raising money for the cancer charity following his 54 year old dad’s diagnoses with terminal cancer and hopes to bring in £3,000 for the good cause.

James, of Millbrook, said: “It is an achievement for myself but also to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK.”

During the challenge, starting at 6am, James must keep one hand on the wakeboarding bar at all times. If successful, he will break the record at 12.45pm and will complete the feat at 1pm.

James, who has been wakeboarding for around five years, will keep hydrated with the use of a ‘camel back’ pack and will top up his energy levels with malt loaf and jelly beans stored in a bum bag. He will be travelling at 31km per hour.

“I think it is going to be really hard but I think I can do it, so I’m excited,” said James, whose training has included strengthening exercises and building up his time on the wakeboard. The longest he has spent continuously on the water so far is five hours.

“If I let go of the handle at any point, I will fail,” said James.

Wakeboarding is usually a freestyle sport, complete with jumps, twists and turns, but James will be keeping his board firmly on the water to reduce the risk of any mishaps during the endurance challenge.

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The record attempt has been given the green light by Guinness World Record organisers and will be supervised by the Box End cable team. The cable will be closed to other riders from 6am on Friday while James completes his challenge.

James Gray in action.

James Gray in action.