Husband strangled wife over abortion fear, court told

A husband killed his wife when he feared she was going to abort their unborn baby, a court has heard.

A husband killed his wife when he feared she was going to abort their unborn baby, a court has heard.

Emran Hussan asphyxiated his 21-year-old wife after they returned home from a doctor's appointment, it was claimed.

Then, after laying her body out in the sitting room and placing a single rose over her breast, he walked to a police station where he told a woman officer: "I have killed my wife, I have killed my wife."

St Albans Crown Court heard that police forced their way into the couple's home in Bedford to find young Rubina Begum Hussan laying on the floor. She was rushed to hospital and placed on a life support machine but died the next day.

Mr Hussan, 27, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife at their home in Western Street on December 19 last year, but admits manslaughter.

Prosecutor Lynn Taton QC told the jury that the couple were cousins from Bangladeshi families who married in 2005.

Mr Hussan worked in a family restaurant but, said the prosecutor, the marriage was increasingly unhappy. She described the defendant as controlling.

The court then heard that in December the wife found herself pregnant. Rubina was "scared", and Miss Taton said the couple were not getting on.

On December 18 Rubina visited her GP accompanied by her husband. But in the surgery, said the prosecutor: "She started crying."

From the surgery, the couple visited her mother, and at one stage she

told the older woman she feared he might kill her.

The couple then went home and the next sighting of the defendant was that lunchtime when he was seen walking in Midland Road. A post mortem revealed she died from asphyxiation.

In police interview the defendant is alleged to have told how he overheard his mother-in-law tell her daughter to claim she was not sure she was pregnant and then go and abort the baby.

Back at their home they argued. And Miss Taton said: "The Crown suggest during that argument he lost his temper and asphyxiated Rubina and, when he realised she was dead, he laid her out with the rose on her breast."

The case continues.