Historic homes tell their tales in this weekend’s guided walk around Bedford

Bedford Town Bridge in 1895
Bedford Town Bridge in 1895

The magnificent houses built in Bedford for notable families can be explored on this weekend’s guided walk.

Who Lived In A House like That? is the title of the outing, led by the Bedford Association of Tour Guides.

Anyone who has walked down Cardington Road, once named Potter Street, will have admired the collection of historic houses that stand on the road and perhaps wondered who had lived there.

One of the grandest houses which is still virtually unchanged was one built and occupied by John Wing.

He was a mayor of the town and an architect responsible for many of our public buildings, including the Workhouse and the Infirmary, and also the magnificent Town Bridge which is now such an iconic feature in the town centre.

Another house close by, but sadly now removed, was the home of Dr George Witt, who was also a mayor.

He was responsible for the Act of Parliament of 1835 which brought about the removal of the toll that previously had to be paid by everyone wishing to cross the bridge.

To hear more about these important families, join the guided walk that is due to leave the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square on Sunday, July 19 at 11am.

Booking is essential though, so ring the Travel and Tourist Information Centre on 01234 -718112 to reserve your place.