Highly-paid rail drivers “don’t work Sundays”


Thousand of rail passengers are left waiting for weekend trains which never arrive because there aren’t enough drivers - and the drivers there are, don’t have to work on Sundays.

Thameslink says although drivers they do have are rostered to work, their contract allows them to give notice they are not available.

And with drivers earning £935 to work just four days a week – nearly twice the national average wage – many chose not to.

One driver recently tweeted: “We get £48k a year – we don’t need to work overtime or Sundays.”

The drivers will also get a 4.8 per cent rise on April 4 on their £48,664 annual pay - an extra £2,335 a year.

Thameslink refused to reveal how many Sunday trains have been cancelled this year on the Bedford-Brighton route due to a lack of crew but “apologise sincerely”.

A spokesman said: “We are recruiting and training new drivers as quickly as possible and expect to reach a more robust position this summer.”