Hey presto – Michael is honoured by Magic Circle

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NOW you see it, now you don’t!

A magician has been honoured by the leader of The Magic Circle for his services to the prestigious group.

Michael Gurr, 70, was presented with a certificate from president of the group Jack Delvin on Monday evening in recognition of his eight years service.

He said: “Jack had told me he would be giving the certificate to me, so when it was presented to me it wasn’t a shock.

“But when he told me it was massive surprise.

“It’s quite a rare thing for him to give out the certificate, it’s not an annual award that he gives out, he just does it when he feels he wants to recognise somebody.

“So I was really chuffed, it was a great honour.”

Michael of The Almonds, Kempston, always had an interest in magic since he saw a magician perform at the Festival of Britain, but it wasn’t till he retired in 1993 that he took it up as a hobby.

And in 2002, after months of studying, he passed his exams and was accepted into The Magic Circle.

He now acts as a host every Monday evening.

The former firefighter said: “I had always been interested in magic ever since I was young and saw a magician in a tent producing silver coins from behind people’s ears at the Festival of Britain.

“But it wasn’t until I retired that I was able to take it up properly.

“I just love the whole aspect of entertaining people. I don’t see magic as fooling people, I see it as entertainment.”